Kid’s Corner

Welcome to the Kid’s Corner!

This is your guide to learning about the hazards of ditches and arroyos. You’ll also learn what to do in an emergency and what places are safe to play in and what places are not. Just click on any of the thumbnails below and an activity will appear for you and your friends to do together.

Kid's Corner 1 Not sure which places are safe? This activity will show you.
Kid's Corner 2 What would you say? Kid's Corner 3 Get the scoop on good uses of ditches and bad uses of ditches.
Kid's Corner 4 Call 911. Kid's Corner 5 Beware the flash flood.
Kid's Corner 6 Eww that’s not supposed to be in there. Circle the things that shouldn’t be in the ditch. Kid's Corner 7 Show off your ditch vocabulary skills with this word search.
Kid's Corner 8 Tell us what’s dangerous about this ditch. Kid's Corner 9 Fill out information about the ditches and arroyos near your school and home.