Parents & Teachers

One of the missions of the Ditch and Water Safety Task Force is to educate the public, especially children, about the dangers of ditches and arroyos. We do this by making over 100 presentations to schools and public groups in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.


The Ditch Witch

The Ditch Witch shows a video to grade schoolers

Presentations are made year round. A member of the Ditch and Water Safety Task Force goes to the requested location. They show a 9-minute video, that includes footage of a real life rescue and information on ditches and arroyos. A quiz at the end of the presentation tests what the viewers learned. Prizes are always awarded! Then the kids are shown the hovercraft, the vehicle designated to perform rescues when ditch and arroyo accidents do occur. This portion of the presentation is usually optional and often dependent upon the amount of space that a location has.

When the presentation is over the children are given a prize with the task force message “Ditches are deadly stay away, find safe places to swim and play.” For more information on assemblies or to sign your group or school up for an assembly please e-mail Dezaree Vega at [email protected] or call 505-764-4444 ext. 241.

Special Events

  • Ditch Rescue CraftKids Clean Up – August
  • Hinkle Family Fun Center Fall Festival – October
  • Zoo Boo – October

For specific dates and times for the above special events please e-mail [email protected] or call at 505-764-4444 ext. 241

Tips for Parents